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“No, not all bears, in fact not that many really, sometimes, a teddy bear is just a teddy bear after all.”

      The Main Characters.

James Snow. James is the teddy bear rescuer. He is a gentle man with a touch that can animate some (not all) bears, sometimes a bear is just a bear.

Ragnagatath. Here is a leader of bears, a great and noble character who, once tricked, has returned to right a terrible wrong.

Lulu. A small and precocious little bear that is a dear friend to Ragnagatath, and in love with Four of Spades.

Fos (Four of Spades). Another small  bear that is also a friend to Ragnagatath, and in love with Lulu, he also has empathic abilities.

Burd. A strange large yellow bear! (in the guise of a bird) who talks fast and has a desire to fly one day.

Number One (The Map Maker) A true first officer, and a good map reader and maker, without him, there would be no tale.

Captain Audeleus Smith (Cap'n Smiffy) Fine captain and sea worthy mariner, a good bear to have around when you need to get somewhere by boat.

Degradeath (Khrone) A decidedly nasty bear, can summon weird creatures by use of a special cane. He once tricked Ragnagatath, and now he is hunted, and very dangerous.

Morgoth. One of Degradeaths minions.

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