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“No, not all bears, in fact not that many really, sometimes, a teddy bear is just a teddy bear after all.”

  Quotes from the Story.

“The power comes from his cane James; it is not magic. There is nothing magical about the dark, nothing magical at all.”

“Yes, James, we can hear it, it really is a pitiful sound, is it not. Such a sadness.”

“I’m all out of ideas Jamie lad. Find me a path and I’ll sail us through it, but trying to reach the shore blind is fraught with danger, and the odds are stacked against us.”

“Twas anchor chain snapping, heard it afore, though only once. We’re in the heart of the storm and at its mercy.”

‘Why would I hide from such an adorable bear?’

“The story is an old one, and it starts in a place called ‘The Fractured Mesa’”

“this is one rescue I have to do personally. Stop the engine Cap’n”

“Gather some of your troops, get them ready, tell them they have to be ready, any bear failing or falling will pay dearly. I will burn them from the inside out, do you understand Churth?”

“that naughty little bear in your backpack told me.”

"Not good to go up there, not good at all, no, no, no, but that’s where we are heading, isn’t it, yes, yes, yes.”

“Did you see me fly?” 

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